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High Energy Universal Sampler HATR

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This new single reflection Horizontal ATR has the highest energy throughput of any ATR accessory on the market today.The energy throughput exceeds 85% and is made possible by coating the ZnSe prism with an efficient broadband anti-reflective coating and by the single reflection prism design. Samples are easy to deposit on the top surface of the ZnSe prism which is mounted horizontally in a stainless steel top plate which is easy to clean. The High Energy HATR enables qualitative and quantitative sampling of most routine samples, such as pastes, liquids and flexible solids. The accessory incorporates Constant Purge™ for uninterrupted system purge. Crystals are easily removed for cleaning and reconditioning. A pressure applicator is included for solid samples. Has 45° specular reflection stage.

Available options include a trough plate, a flow through liquid cell, a temperature controlled liquid cell and a reactor. The reactor is heatable to 250° C and can be pressurized to 800 psi. ZnS and Ge crystal prisms are also available as an option.

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0017-5548 High Stability PID Digital readout Temperature Controller, 115 volts $1,295.00
0015-7458 High Energy Universal Sampler HATR with Constant Purge™ and ZnSe prism QUOTE
0015-7459 Trough Top Plate for High Energy Universal Sampler HATR, 0.9ml sample volume, ZnSe prism mounted in stainless steel top plate QUOTE
0015-7461 Flow Through Liquid Cell Attachment for Trough Top Plate used with High Energy Universal Sampler HATR QUOTE
0015-7462 Replacement ZnSe prism for use with High Energy Universal Sampler HATR QUOTE
0015-7460 Reaction Vessel for use with High Energy Universal Sampler HATR QUOTE
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1