The first component of the Lens Saver® Mount for Mazak auto focus systems is a replacement guide. The guide replaces Mazak Part No. 466833011561 in 5.0” FL torches using 2” diameter lenses. For identification purposes, the guide is a slotted aluminum cylinder for which the ICL replacement part is approximately 1” in length for the 5” focal length torch. There is also a lens mount which replaces Mazak Part No. 46683301760 in 5” FL cutting torches using 2” diameter lenses. The lens mount body is internally threaded and contains an internal flange on which the Lens Savers® window is supported. The Lens Savers® window is held in place by a male threaded retaining screw. An “O” ring is provided to be placed on the side of the window which is on the cutting end of the torch.