These lens mount adapters are designed to attach to Mazak OEM lens mount in laser cutting systems which employ 1.5" diameter focusing lenses. The adapters can be used interchangeably with either 5.0" and 7.5" focal lengths.
ICL's lens mount adapters for Mazak cutting systems enable users employing 1.5" or 2.0" diameter lenses to work with Lens Savers® windows under high pressure. The adapter attaches to the OEM Laser Lab lens mount by replacing the threaded retaining ring in the OEM lens mount. The Lens Saver® fits inside a cavity within the rebuilt threaded retaining ring.
Lens Savers® window can be removed without disturbing the focusing lens. The adapters also allow the assist gas pressure to pass into a cavity between the Lens Saver® window and the lens, which results in the pressure on both sides of the Lens Savers® windows being equalized. ICL's patent pending pressure equalization method prevents the window from breaking by providing an environment in which the pressure around the window is equalized.