This lens mount adapter enables users of systems with 1.1" diameter lenses to use Lens Savers® windows under high pressure. The adapter attaches to the OEM or replacement lens vendors lens mount by means of a cylindrical connector assembly which has an "O" ring mounted around its circumference. The connector assembly has a female taper which mates with the tapered end of the OEM lens mount to which it is permanently bonded using epoxy resin.
The adapter provides a holder for Lens Savers® window which is easily removed simply by pulling it off of the "O" ring on the connector assembly. The Lens Savers® window can be removed without disturbing the focusing lens. The adapter also allows the assist gas pressure to pass into a cavity between the Lens Savers® window and the lens, which results in the pressure on both sides of the window being equalized. ICL's patent pending pressure equalization method prevents the Lens Savers® windows from breaking by providing an environment in which the pressure around the windows is equalized.
Since there are many manufacturers of very similar 1.1" diameter lens mounts, each with a unique taper angle and length on the work end, it is recommended that customers send ICL one of their lens mounts for installation of the adapter to assure that the connector assembly fits the mount properly. Specify the manufacturer of your laser or your replacement lens vendor who supplied the lens mount when ordering this adapter.