Pathlength: 3M; Volume: 0.375L; Temperature Range: ambient-200°C; Pressure Specific Range: Vacuum-45psi (KBr should only be used to 15psi)
For applications that demand high performance, durability, reliability, simplicity, dependability and serviceability, Gemini™ Mars™ gas cells are the solution. Mars™ long path cells address the most demanding gas sampling requirements of industrial and field deployed FTIR and IR instrumentation with a robust series of metal bodied gas cells with electro-polished stainless steel or electro-less nickel plated aluminum bodies that outperform any gas cell on the market.
A key factor ensuring the durability and serviceability of each Mars™ cell is the use of stainless steel mirrors. These mirrors are extremely durable and they can be reconditioned many times at modest cost, thereby extending the service life of each Mars™ cell for many years. All mirrors are coated with our proprietary Gemgold™ multilayer gold coatings to insure the highest possible performance in demanding environments. Stainless steel optics are inherently superior to diamond turned aluminum mirrors, from the standpoint of longevity and serviceability. While 316 stainless steel tends to resist the corrosive effects of reactive gases, aluminum tends to react with many gases making aluminum subject to corrosion and therefore an inferior optical substrate.
A more effective low cost option to aluminum mirrors is gold coated glass mirrors, which can be special ordered on Mars™ at a discount to the prices of cells with stainless steel mirrors. Mars™ cells feature modular designs with interchangeable and reconditionable components, enabling us to deliver gas cells that are both versatile and serviceable. Metal bodies and cell hardware can be constructed from many materials. Cells from materials such as stainless steel (passivated or electro polished), pure nickel, nickel coated aluminum, black anodized aluminum, and FEP or PTFE coated aluminum are all available and can be configured to user specifications.
Mars™ gas cells can be configured for high vacuum exceeding 1 x 10-9 Torr and high pressure applications. Each Mars™ cell is individually helium leak tested or hydrostatically tested and a helium leak test certificate can be supplied with any cell for $299.00 (Part No. 0009-9281).
Mars Cells can be configured with heating jackets and with user programmable temperature and pressure control and monitoring options.
Several common Mars™ cell configurations are shown, but custom configurations are available upon request. Prices include KBr windows, but other materials can be selected from our transmission window price list. RFQ for wedged windows to limit fringing. All Mars™ cells use 25 x 4mm windows. Cell mounting and other hardware, exclusive of the cell body material and valves, is black anodized aluminum.
Unit of Measure

Approx. Cell Vol.

N/A 0.375 L