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Gas Cells 

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Model G-2 Gas Cell - 5cm or 10cm

The G-2 Gas Cell is for analysis of pure gases or gas mixtures in which component gases are present at concentrations of 5 percent or more. The G-2 Gas Cell has a fixed pathlength of either 5cm or 10cm. The windows of the cell are easy to remove for cleaning, making the G-2 ideal for working with wet or reactive gases that have a tendency to fog or attack the window material.

Demountable Beta Gas Cell 5 cm or 10cm

The demountable Beta Gas Cell comes complete with a 10cm or 5cm Pyrex Cell body, cell mount, 2 Viton® O-rings or gaskets, 2 PTFE gaskets, and 2 septa, but without windows. (Windows and gaskets can be ordered separately). The window size is 25mm x 4mm. When assembled, the cell will be gas tight and operable at both reduced or positive pressures. Filling of the cell is conveniently handled with a gas tight syringe (ICL Part no. 0009-609).

Model G-2SS 10cm Stainless Steel Gas Cell

Mercury Group

Mercury™ Single Pass Short Path Length Stainless Steel Specialty Gas Cells

Short Path Gas cells are useful for pure gases and, generally speaking, for concentrations of not less than 100 ppm. Cell utility for various ppm concentrations is dependent not only on path length, but also on the absorbance characteristics of the sample. Feel free to consult with us on these and any other issues concerning selection of an appropriate gas cell.
ICL's Gemini™ gas cell line begins with our Mercury™ short path length single pass gas cells constructed of electropolished 316 Stainless Steel, available in standard path lengths of 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 5cm, 10cm and 15cm. Custom path length cells for a variety of applications are also available.
These robustly constructed gas cells are ideal for specialty ...

Venus™Glass Bodied Long Path Gas Cells

Venus™ cells are small to moderate volume long path gas cells designed for all purpose use in industrial and research applications. The cell design has improved significantly over the years with such advances as multilayer proprietary gold mirror coatings, improved purgeable transfer optics, and instrument specific base plate mountings. All Venus cells are fitted with Swagelok® 1/4" or 1/8" tube fittings to which valves, hose barbs or compression fittings can be attached. SS Swagelok® Valves are standard on the models listed.
Venus™ cell configurations include ICL's popular Ultra Mini Cell which measures 3" x 3" x 8" (3 meters fixed path length, 200cc volume), the Long Path Mini Cell (variable path length to 5 ...

Earth™ Glass Bodied Long Path Gas Cells

Gemini™ Earth™ glass bodied long path gas cells are, like Venus™ cells, classic Hanst cells, but with larger volumes and longer path lengths. Pathlengths range from 10 to 20 meters and volumes range from 2 to 8 liters.
All Earth™ cells feature SS Swagelok® valves, multilayer gold coated mirrors, borosilicate glass bodies, transfer optics and base plate configurations to fit most spectrophotometers, and black anodized aluminum hardware. Earth™ cells use 1/4" SS flow tubes and Swagelok® connections. All variable path length cells incorporate a laser alignment device with a 6 volt DC power supply for path length verification based on the number of passes made through the cell.
Several typical ...

Mars™ Long Path Gas Cells

For applications that demand high performance, durability, reliability, simplicity, dependability and serviceability, Gemini™ Mars™ gas cells are the solution. Mars™ long path cells address the most demanding gas sampling requirements of industrial and field deployed FTIR and IR instrumentation with a robust series of metal bodied gas cells with electro-polished stainless steel or electro-less nickel plated aluminum bodies that outperform any gas cell on the market.
A key factor ensuring the durability and serviceability of each Mars™ cell is the use of stainless steel mirrors. These mirrors are extremely durable and they can be reconditioned many times at modest cost, thereby extending the service life of ...

Heated Vapor Gas Multi-Sampler

10cm vapor gas multi-sampler with sheathed Iron Constantan 304SS type J thermocouple, 115v or 220v, 250w heater system, Swagelok® vacuum valve, thermocouple port, injection port heatable to 200 degrees C, heated windows to prevent fogging, KCl windows, 303SS body.

G-3PTFE 10cm PTFE Gas Cell

All components of the G-3PTFE 10cm gas cell that contact the sample can be made entirely of PTFE, making the cell useful for any gas sample that might attack, or be contaminated by, glass or stainless steel gas cell components. The G-3PTFE is useful for analysis of pure gases and mixtures in which the constituent gases are present in concentrations of 5% or more.