The 80° Specular Reflectance Grazing Angle Accessory is designed for use in FTIR spectrophotometers for the measurement of monolayer films on metallic substrates and for characterization of samples that cannot be analyzed by other techniques because they do not transmit IR radiation.
The IR beam of the spectrophotometer is reflected at the input mirror to strike the sample at an incident angle of 80°, which is as close as can be achieved with a modestly priced accessory to the optimal grazing angle slightly less than 90°. Sensitivity can be enhanced significantly by combining this accessory with a wire grid polarizer using the built-in slide mounts.
The accessory is prealigned and ready to use. The sample is placed face down on the top surface of the accessory. Slides are built in to each end of the accessory to permit mounting of a polarizer. Optics are gold coated to maximize grazing angle throughput. A gold coated 'alignment' mirror is provided to enable you to take background scans and to optimize transmission using the adjustment screws for the mirror system.

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