ICL will factory recondition any E-Z Press™ for a modest charge. Reconditioning will put the hydraulic system in like new condition. Reconditioning of the 2 ton, 12 ton 15 ton and 20 ton E-Z Press™ or Air-EZ™ Press consists of completely replacing the hydraulic jack in the press with a new jack and also replacing the stainless steel platen. For a 30 or 40 ton E-Z Press™ or Air-EZ™ Press, we will either replace the hydraulic jack or rebuild it depending upon condition. After examining each press we quote a firm price for the rebuild and rebuilt presses are covered by a six (6) month warranty. Presses are shipped back to customer in custom shipping containers and customers can order these containers in advance to ship their presses to us. The price of the container is covered by a handling charge of $90.00 to $150.00 depending upon the press.
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