International Crystal Laboratories' PhEur 2.2.24 Reference Standard is a calibration standard certified to conform to the requirements of Chapter 2.2.24 of the European Pharmacopoeia. Each of these polystyrene reference films is mounted in a convenient holder for easy insertion in the standard slide holder of any IR or FTIR spectrophotometer. PhEur 2.2.24 Reference Standards are certified to the following wavenumbers using a NIST 1921 certified film as a reference standard: 3060 cm-1, 2849.5 cm-1, 1942.9 cm-1, 1601.2 cm-1, 1583.0 cm-1, 1154.5 cm-1 and 1028.3 cm-1. PhEur 2.2.24 calibration standards are certified to show a difference between the absorption maxima to absorption minima at 2849.5 cm-1 and 2870 cm-1 greater than 0.33 and a difference between the absorption minima and absorption maxima at 1589 cm-1 and 1583 cm-1 greater than 0.08 as required by PhEur 2.2.24.
Unit of Measure