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    Luer lock gas tight and tuberculin syringes are useful tools for filling demountable cells, sealed liquid cells and gas cells. The proper method for filling a sealed liquid cell requires the use of two (2) luer lock syringes.

  • sp56b

    The Infrared Cell Cleaner is an ideal method for removing samples and solvents from sealed liquid cells. This cleaner provides a convenient means for cleaning liquid cells and eliminates the cumbersome use of vacuum pumps and other extraction apparatus.

  • sp56c

    Finger cots are the preferred means for handling all optical windows and cells and for polishing or grinding optical windows. They are reusable, which makes them more economical than gloves.

  • sp56d

    PTFE coated nickel stainless steel micro spatula. For use with KBr and other SpectroGrade™ powders. We have found that this PTFE coated stainless steel spatula is ideal for handling KBr and other SpectroGrade™ powders when pressing pellets.

  • sp57a

    Desiccator jars are a must in all infrared laboratories. These jars are used for desiccating small samples, optics, cells and other applications. Complete with Bell jar, sealing ring, and polycarbonate cover.

  • sp57c

    Magnetic holders are convenient for holding KBr pellets or thin polymer films. They are also useful for mounting a 13mm crystal that has been used as a microscope slide in a standard spectrophotometer sample compartment.

  • sp58a

    Stainless steel forceps with very sharp and fine points are ideal for handling KBr pellets and picking up minute samples. They can be used with micro samples being analyzed with an FTIR microscope or a single bounce HATR micro-sampler such as the Split-Pea™.

  • sp58b

    Perkin-Elmer Pens - Nylon-tip disposable pens
    Beckman Pens - Disposable pens

  • sp58c

    ICL offers a variety of Flow Cell adapters that will attach to standard IR liquid cells.

  • polarizer

    Polarizers are useful for enhancing sensitivity in grazing angle measurements using specular reflectance accessories and for molecular orientation studies. Polarizers attenuate radiation from polarized lasers, polarize radiation from unpolarized lasers and can be used in pairs to both polarize and attenuate. ICL wire grid polarizers are available for wavelength ranges from 3µm to 15µm.

    ICL's 25mm wire grid IR polarizers are available with 360º rotation stage holders that are mounted on 2" x 3" backplates.  These rotating mounts render the polarizer suitable for use in any FTIR or IR spectrophotometer simply by sliding the mount containing the polarizer into the instrument's standard 2" x 3" slide mount fixture.  The polarizer, which is itself permanently mounted in a black anodized aluminum ring, is easily inserted into and removed from the rotating holder without touching the face of the polarizer.  When ordered with a mount, polarizers can be installed in the mount prior to shipping on the customer's request.

  • sp59b

    ICL’s agate mortars and pestles are the ideal tool for grinding a matrix of a solid sample with KBr powder in preparation for making a transparent pellet free from spurious absorption peaks.

  • sp59c

    This polypropylene 2 tier rack holds a dozen 10mm lightpath cuvettes. Steam autoclavable at 250°F (121°C). 4 5/8” length x 4 1/4” width x 4 3/8” height.

  • sp60a

    FTIR instrumentation requires an environment free from water and CO2 to protect the optical and electronic components and to assure high signal to noise ratios. This can be achieved by operating in a nitrogen environment or with a purge gas generator.

  • sp60b

    Multipurpose stainless steel shears with large handles, 2” blade and excellent leverage. The lower blade has a serrated edge to avoid slippage. Shears cut a variety of materials including rubber and plastic tubing as well as lightweight sheet metal. Handles autoclavable to 120°C.

  • sp60c

    ICL offers 3 versions of cuvette stirrers.

  • newphotob

    U.S. Patent No. 6,594,008

    In addition to standard polystyrene calibration films, ICL offers several other calibration options. Superior calibrations are performed with radially symmetric films which eliminate the orientation effects of extruded films used for NIST Standard 1921 calibrations.

  • newphotoa

    ICL's PhEur 2.2.24 Reference Standard is a calibration standard certified to conform to the requirements of Chapter 2.2.24 of the European Pharmacopoeia.

  • sp62a

    The Crystal Polishing Kit contains everything needed by the spectroscopist for repolishing and buffing most infrared transmission crystals and ATR Prisms including KRS-5.

  • Opticlear

    Opticlear™is a suspension based cleaning system that  peels contamination off  the face of optics. It can be used on both coated and uncoated optics. Simply apply this cellulose based suspension to the surface of the optic and peel it off when the suspension is dry.