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    The Model HC2930 is a fixed wavelength IR spectrophotometer designed to perform repetitive quantitative analysis of total hydrocarbons dissolved in non-absorbing solvent. Both volatile and nonvolatile oily samples can be analyzed using EPA methods 413.2 and 418.1. The instrument accommodates standard IR Grade cuvettes and holders (see Hydrocarbon Test Kit) of up to 100mm. Using a 100mm cell in the concentration expansion mode permits analysis of hydrocarbon levels as low as 0.05 ppm.

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    The ICL Hydrocarbon Test Kit contains a complete set of slidemounting accessories for oil-in-water analysis in all concentrations that can be used in any FT-IR, dispersive or scanning spectrophotometer. This kit will permit the user to test for the presence of hydrocarbons in water in any concentration using EPA methods 413.2 or 418.1. It consists of matched pairs of 10mm, 50mm and 100mm IR Grade Quartz cylindrical cells and holders for each cell size. The cylindrical cells are matched to a standard so that if one of the cells in the set is broken it can be replaced with another matched cell without the need to replace the pair. Matched cell pairs allow precise repeat measurement of the same sample. The kit is packed in a durable portable carrying case that protects the cells and makes them easy to transport without fear of breakage.