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Item # 0026-7110, Lens Mount Adapter for 1.5" Dia. Lens Mount for Trumpf New Style Cutting Head with 5" FL

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The part to be replaced in the lens mount used in new style Trumpf cutting heads is Trumpf part number 234020.
Trumpf cutting systems employ a lens mount which is comprised of 2 tubular assemblies. The Lens Savers® window mount for these systems comprises a replacement of the bottom half of the lens mount, which is bronze in the new style head lens mount and aluminum in the old style head. The mount also allows the assist gas pressure to pass into a cavity between the Lens Savers® window and the lens, which results in the pressure on both sides of the window being equalized. The assist gas passes through holes drilled around the perimeter of the window outside of the optical path of the laser beam. ICL's patent pending pressure equalization method prevents Lens Savers® windows from breaking by providing an environment in which the pressure around the windows is equalized.

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