Spacers, gaskets and plugs are used with sealed and demountable liquid and gas cells. Spacers create the space between the windows of a cell and enable assembly of cells with accurate pathlengths. Gaskets cushion the optics and form seals with the metal and glass components of a cell. For example, we mercury amalgam a lead gasket to the front plate of all our sealed liquid cells. In sealed cells, the spacer is typically lead, but copper is used for smaller pathlengths. Spacers for demountable cells are usually PTFE. Gaskets are made from a variety of materials and materials not listed are available on custom order. Plugs that seal the ports of a liquid cell are machined from solid PTFE. ICL can make a custom gasket or spacer for any cell. There is a gasket, spacer and plug shown in this catalog for virtually any sealed or demountable cell sold in the last 40 years. If you are unsure which part goes with your cell, we will find the right part for you if you will send us a tracing of the geometry of the part with dimensions marked on the drawing.
Unit of Measure

Window Size

N/A 25 x 12 x 2 mm