The Auto Pellet Presses are designed specifically for automating the pellet making and briquetting process for FTIR and XRF spectroscopy. The Auto Column Presses are designed for automated applications where a larger daylight opening is required or for use with heated platens.

Auto Pellet Presses are available in 25 ton and 40 ton models. They feature 7.5" daylight openings, 5" diameter platens and lead screws with hand wheels that allow the user to rapidly position a KBr or briquetting die in the sample chamber. The decompression (bleed off) rate can be controlled.
Unit of Measure


N/A 40 t

Heated Platens

N/A No

Platen Size

N/A 5 Inch

Ram Stroke Available

N/A 1 Inch

Daylight Opening

N/A 7.25 Inch

Footprint at Base (W x D)

N/A 34 x 22.75 Inch


N/A 26 Inch


N/A 500 lb


N/A Electrical 220/110 Specify

Price CE Mark

N/A 1990

CE Mark Charge

N/A Available, Extra Cost

N/A The Auto Column Presses are available in 15, 25 and 30 ton models with daylight openings up to 18". All auto presses feature programmable digital control of target pressure and dwell time. The Auto Pellet presses also feature selectable decompression rates for bleed-off from target pressure or, with the Programmable Upgrade, programmable decompression rates of pressure bleed-off. With the Selectable version there are three (3) different bleed-off rates (15, 45 and 120 seconds) which can be selected, while the Programmable Upgrade allows the user to program any bleed-off rate for any duration up to 420 seconds. Auto Pellet Presses also feature a programmable pellet ejection pressure. In addition, Auto Column presses allow the user to program pumping speed, and they are available with heated platens. In the heated Digital version of the Auto Column press, the user can program the temperature controllers individually, while the Integrated Programmable version allows the temperature control functions to be programmed with the other operating parameters (pressure, dwell, speed). Pressure, dwell and speed are programmable in both the Programmable and Digital versions.

Features – Auto Column Presses

  • Ten (10) pressure and time recipes can be stored.
  • Programmable Digital Control of Pressure and Dwell Time
  • Programmable Digital Pressing Speed Adjustment
  • Adjustable end of cycle alarm
  • Automatic opening of platen at the end of the cycle
  • Programmable for units of measure in Kg, lbs, or US tons
  • Optional manual cooling
  • Heating parameters (temperature, ramp, soak) independently programmable on each platen

    Integrated Programmable Upgrade – Auto Column Presses

    With the integrated programmable upgrade, all of the above features are included and the system also allows for 2 step programming of segments or events throughout the cycle. The following additional features are included:

  • Twenty (20) programmable segments per recipe
  • Ten (10) recipe storage of temperature, pressure and time settings
  • Optional automatic water cooling and air purge

    Heated Platens

  • Optional Heated Platens for all column presses
  • Individual digital temperature controls for each heated platen (integrated with Programmable upgrade)