All column presses are manually operated and have safety shields, adjustable daylight openings and pressure gauges calibrated in both pounds and metric tons.

The model CH30 has a 2 speed hand pump, digitally controlled platens heatable to 650°F and is available with optional high temperature (to 1100°F) 8" x 8" platens. Specify °F or °C display and voltage requirements (110v or 220v).

Handling charges are addition
Unit of Measure

Tons Force

N/A 30 t


N/A 43 Inch


N/A 835 lb

Daylight Opening

N/A 12 Inch

Platen Size

N/A 12 x 12 Inch

Heated Platens Availability

N/A Included

Ram Stroke Available

N/A 6 Inch

Footprint at Base (W x D)

N/A 32 x 27 Inch

Price CE Mark

N/A 300

CE Mark Charge

N/A Available, Extra Cost


N/A Manual