For this cell, you must specify (i.) the path length, (ii.) whether or not calibration is required and (iii.) whether or not calibration and matching is required (see below).
ICL offers a heavy duty, corrosion resistant sealed liquid cell designed to withstand rough handling and continuous sampling in laboratories. The large 25mm circular aperture is suitable for use with both dispersive and FTIR instruments. Each cell is machined individually from 1/4' thick stainless steel. The cell is available for use as a single cell or in matched pairs (+/-3%). The window is a 39.5mmx39.5mmx6.5mm hexagon.

A calibration charge of $16.00 is automatically added to the price of the cell, unless the customer expressly specifies that calibration is not required. Pathlengths for cells that are not calibrated are nominal and ICL assumes no responsibility for the customer's inability to calibrate the cell or for the failure of an uncalibrated cell to exhibit satisfactory fringing.

Add $16.00 for cell calibration (0010-186), $36.00 per cell for calibration and matching of .05mm, .1mm, .2mm, .5mm and 1mm cells (0010-185) and $49.00 per cell for calibration and matching of .015mm and .025mm cells (0010-4170). If you require calibration or calibration and matching and do not list it as a separate line item, the applicable charge will be charged to your credit card and will appear on your final invoice as a separate line item.
Unit of Measure


N/A 0.015 mm0.025 mm0.05 mm0.1 mm0.2 mm0.5 mm1.0 mm

Cell Calibration

N/A Calibration Calibration and Matching No calibration


N/A BaF2

N/A Pathlengths can be nominal or calibrated to 4 decimal places (eg. 1.0152mm) and spectrophotometer cell pathlengths can be matched within ±3% for interchangability. All optical materials are available in standard nominal pathlengths ranging from 0.015mm to 1mm. Other pathlengths are also available. The window is a 39.5mm x 39.5mm x 6.5mm hexagon. ICL also offers an infrared cell reconditioning service in Section 0010 and a calibration service for all spectrophotometer cells.

The Model SL-4 cell is now available with pathlengths of 2.5 micron, 5 micron, 7.5 micron and 10 micron.

Part numbers which end with the letter "W" are nominal part numbers only and are used online simply to identify the cell type and window material. Part numbers which end in "W" do not denote a specific path length. We will assign the correct part number when you place your order. If you want confirmation of the correct part number please request it when you call in your order or request an on-line e-mail confirmation of the correct number.

Note: Cells with path length of 2-4mm add $35.00 to above prices. Path lengths 5-10mm add $69.00 to above prices.