Heated ZnSe Trough Top Plate to 100°C with two type T Copper-Constantan thermocouples, one for sample and one for heater
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N/A An optional flat top plate configuration is available if you intend to sample a lot of powders and films. The flat top plate enhances the contact between the surface of the ATR crystal and the sample when used in conjunction with the optional clamp that allows you to apply pressure to the sample. A powder press is also available to fit the trough top plate configuration for powder sampling.

In designing the Basics™ Horizontal ATR we have eliminated some of the problems associated with earlier designs in which the ATR crystal prism is held in place with epoxy. In both the trough and the flat plate configuration the optics of the Basics™ Horizontal ATR are held in place mechanically, or with an indium seal. This accessory also features Constant Purge™, which allows sampling without breaking the nitrogen or dry air purge of your spectrophotometer. We have also introduced heated and micro flow-through top plates for this accessory. For flow through applications, see Precision Dispenser pump.