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Magneto Optical Materials - CdMnTe & CdMnHgTe 

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Cadmium Manganese Telluride (CdMnTe) Magneto Optical Crystals

The ternary compound Cadmium Manganese Telluride ("CMT") is a magneto-optical material that is ICL's newest crystal product. This magneto-optical material has a giant Verdet constant. Potential applications for this material (as well as CdMnHgTe which is under development ) include Faraday rotation devices (optical isolators in the range 630nm to 1100nm ), LEDs, spintronicss, electro-magnetic interference free devices, field tunable phase shifters, small coupled solar cells for fly-by-light applications, phased array radar with completely fiber-fed antennae, bomb detonators and harsh environment sensors. At the optimal composition, absorption does not increase with pathlength (thickness) although transmission will vary. Absorption is ...