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IR Flow Cells

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ICL Precision™ Dispenser & Flow Cell Adapter

The Precision™ Dispenser has the capability to function in a single fill or continuous mode, permitting the user to perform static or flow-through analysis. The three speed motor assembly provides a choice of 150, 300 or 600 strokes per minute in the continuous mode by means of a simple belt change.

High Pressure Sealed Liquid Cells & Flow Cells

Our SL-3 and purgeable SL-4 sealed liquid cells have been modified for flow applications that apply much higher pressures to the seals and windows of the cell than would be applied to a sealed liquid cell under normal filling conditions.

SL-5 E-Z™ Flow Cell

The SL-5 E-Z™ Flow is made from stainless steel and features a Delrin® optical alignment cavity which, in the demountable version, precisely positions either a sandwich cell or the windows, spacers and gaskets in proper alignment with the cell filling ports.

Sealed Micro Flow-Through Cells

The sealed Micro Flow-Through Cell is ideal for the continuous analysis of liquids. The cell body and tubing leads are made of nickel alloy.

Heated Vapor Gas Multi-Sampler

10cm vapor gas multi-sampler with sheathed Iron Constantan 304SS type J thermocouple, 115v or 220v, 250w heater system, Swagelok® vacuum valve, thermocouple port, injection port heatable to 200 degrees C, heated windows to prevent fogging, KCl windows, 303SS body.