• sp42_speccelldispflowshade

    The Precision™ Dispenser has the capability to function in a single fill or continuous mode, permitting the user to perform static or flow-through analysis. The three speed motor assembly provides a choice of 150, 300 or 600 strokes per minute in the continuous mode by means of a simple belt change.

  • sp43_highpressliqcellshade

    Our SL-3 and purgeable SL-4 sealed liquid cells have been modified for flow applications that apply much higher pressures to the seals and windows of the cell than would be applied to a sealed liquid cell under normal filling conditions.

  • sp44_sl5ezshade

    The SL-5 E-Z™ Flow is made from stainless steel and features a Delrin® optical alignment cavity which, in the demountable version, precisely positions either a sandwich cell or the windows, spacers and gaskets in proper alignment with the cell filling ports.

  • Heated VPLC

    The heated variable path length cell can be heated to 200ºC and comes complete with a programmable ramp and soak temperature controller with RS-232 serial cable computer interface (0017-5548). The cell back plate is water cooled and the body is insulated as is the vernier scale adjustment on the front of the cell to enable in-situ variation of pathlength while the cell is hot and fixtured in the sample compartment of an FTIR instrument.

    The cell consists of a cylindrical stainless steel chamber containing parallel windows. The pathlength may be continuously adjusted from 0.05mm to 5mm and reproduced within 0.001mm (1 micrometer). A vernier scale provided on the cylinder permits the cell pathlength to be read within 0.0005mm (0.5 micrometer). In order for weaker absorption bands of many liquids to appear with the proper intensity, the stronger bands will be totally absorbed and their exact location thus obscured. In these situations, the Variable Pathlength Cell may be precisely adjusted to provide just the right intensity for exact location of both weak and strong bands.

  • sp47_sealmicroflow-shade

    The sealed Micro Flow-Through Cell is ideal for the continuous analysis of liquids. The cell body and tubing leads are made of nickel alloy.

  • sp48_heat-vapor-g-shade

    10cm vapor gas multi-sampler with sheathed Iron Constantan 304SS type J thermocouple, 115v or 220v, 250w heater system, Swagelok® vacuum valve, thermocouple port, injection port heatable to 200 degrees C, heated windows to prevent fogging, KCl windows, 303SS body.