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Demountable IR Cells 

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Precision Demountable Cells

The Precision Demountable Cell is ideal for mulls, capillary films, cast films and thin films of finely powdered solids in slurry form. The cell can also be used for liquid analysis with its luer syringe fittings.

Pres-N-Lok Demountable Cell

ICL’s Pres-N-Lok Cell enables the user to analyze mulls and smears without the use of clumsy springs, nuts, and bolts.

Demountable SL-2 Cell Kit

The Demountable SL-2 is the same as the SL-2 sealed precision liquid cell, except that the amalgam seal has been replaced by a demountable PTFE spacer and gasket.

Beta Cell Kit

We’ve eliminated the nuts, bolts, and springs of the conventional designs.

Micro Quik Cell

The Micro Quik Cell consists of a threaded, two (2) piece body and two 13mm x 1mm silver chloride (AgCl) circular windows of a special design.

DM-1 Demountable Cell

The DM-1 Demountable Cell is a low cost. demountable mull cell that is similar in function to the Pres-N-Lok, (0006-2467).