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Heated Platens With Temperature Control

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The water cooled heated platens have a 4" (100mm) diameter aluminum pressing surface that will heat a sample from ambient to 400°C in less than 15 minutes. The heated platens are controlled by a stable (±1°C) CE marked digital PID temperature controller. The integral water cooling facility reduces cooling times. A removable thermocouple monitors temperature close to the surface of the platens. This accessory is compatible with ICL’s 20 ton E-Z Press™ and 20 ton Air-EZ™ and is available as part of polymer film maker kits with those presses (0012-6631 and 0012-6681), and the Precision Thickness Film Maker (0012-4608). The heated platens can also be used with ICL's 2 ton High Profile E-Z Press™ (0012-8393) and the 5000 pound load cell E-Z Press™ (0012-8379). When ordering for use with an existing ICL Press, order a special lead screw assembly (0012-6665) for raising and lowering the top platen.

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0012-6665 Lead Screw Assembly $463.00 N/A
0012-6664 Water Cooled 4" Diameter Heated Platen With Digital Temperature Controller $3,520.00 120 V
0012-4608 Precision Thickness Film Maker $3,779.00 N/A
0012-6631 Film Maker Kit with film maker, Heated Platens & Temperature Controller and 20 ton E-Z press™ $8,477.00 120 V
0012-6681 Auto Film Maker Kit $10,151.00 N/A
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1 
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