ICL offers seven transmission sampling kits. All of our kits come with custom carrying cases that are molded to the accessories. The Basics™ Transmission Kit contains a wide variety of accessories for gas, liquid and solid sampling.

The Basics™ Transmission Kit includes:
Evacuable Little Press KBr Pellet Die Kit (0012-6680), 1/2" Wrench for Little Press (0012-7423), 100gms KBr SpectroGrade Powder (0011-184), Nujol 60ml (0011-2475), 35mm Agate mortar & pestle (0009-489), Magnetic Film Holder (0009-610), Finger Cots, pack of 12 (0009-631), Polystyrene Calibration Test Film (0009-2500), Precision Demountable Cell (0006-497 or 0006-604, specify below), choice of 2nd Precision Demountable Cell with adapter ring for 25mm windows (0006-4152) or Pres-n-Lok Demountable Cell (0006-2467)-must specify below, 6 KBr windows 38.5mmx19.5mmx4mm undrilled (0002C-69), 4 KBr windows 38.5mmx19.5mmx4mm drilled (0002C-80), PTFE Spacer assortment (0001-3875), Syringe 2ml (0009-607), 6 KCl windows 25mmx4mm (0002B-136), Beta Gas Cell with 100mm path length (0008-504), 5 pcs. Real Crystal IR Sample Cards, KCl (0001-7135), 10 pcs. PTFE IR sample cards (0001-7361), 10 pcs. Polyethylene IR Sample Cards (0001-7364)
Unit of Measure

Precision Demountable Cell

N/A 0006-497 (Dispersive) 0006-604 (FTIR)

Choice of 25mm Cells

N/A Precision Demountable Cell with 25mm Adapter Ring Pres-N-Lok Demountable Cell