ICL offers seven transmission sampling kits. All of our kits come with custom carrying cases that are molded to the accessories. The GSLTH Kit contains everything you need for gas, liquid and solid sampling. There are 24 accessories and over 60 items in the GSLTH kit.

The GSLTH Deluxe Kit includes:
12-ton EZ Press (0012-5859), 13mm Macro/Micro KBr Die (0012-2477), 100gms KBr SpectroGrade Powder (0011-184), Fluorolube 30ml (0011-2474), Nujol 60ml (0011-2475), Spatula (0009-4162), 50mm Agate mortar & pestle (0009-7339), KBr Pellet Holder (0012-4607), Magnetic Film Holder (0009-610), Polystyrene Calibration Test Film (0009-2500), Finger Cots, pack of 12 (0009-631), Precision Demountable Cell (0006-497 or 0006-604, specify below), choice of 2nd Precision Demountable Cell with adapter ring for 25mm windows (0006-4152) or Pres-n-Lok Demountable Cell (0006-2467)-must specify below, 6 KBr windows 38.5mmx19.5mmx4mm undrilled (0002C-69), 6 KBr windows 38.5mmx19.5mmx4mm drilled (0002C-80), PTFE Spacer assortment (0001-3875), Syringe 2ml (0009-607), KCl windows 25mmx4mm (0002B-136), G-2 Gas Cell with KBr 38mmx6mm windows and 100mm path length PTE (0008C-723), Econo Card Sample mounting cards, pack of 10 (0012-2478), 5 pcs. Real Crystal IR Sample Cards, KCl (0001-7135), 10 pcs. PTFE IR sample cards (0001-7361), 10 pcs. Polyethylene IR Sample Cards (0001-7364)
Unit of Measure

Precision Demountable Cell

N/A 0006-497 (Dispersive) 0006-604 (FTIR)

Choice of 25mm Cells

N/A Precision Demountable Cell with 25mm Adapter Ring Pres-N-Lok Demountable Cell